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At the forum "Young and Committed", Commissioner Iván Velásquez called upon the youth to join forces in fighting impunity.



Guatemala, November 10, 2011. The European Union reaffirmed its support for the International Commission against Impunity in Guatemala (CICIG) by signing a cooperation agreement worth EUR 4 million (approximately GTQ 44 million) to support CICIG in its work in Guatemala.

The document was signed by: Rafael Señán, EU Representative; Francisco Javier Dall'Anese Ruiz, CICIG Commissioner; and René Mauricio Valdés, United Nations Resident Coordinator. Attorney General of the Republic Claudia Paz y Paz and President of the Judiciary Thelma Esperanza Aldana Hernández were also invited to the event.

"The European Union has supported the Commission both politically and economically since its creation, because we believe CICIG has an important role to play in tackling impunity and organized crime," stressed Rafael Señán.

Señán stressed that the support for the Commission complements other areas of support provided by the EU in strengthening the justice sector institutions—a cause to which the EU States are committed.

According to Commissioner Francisco Dall'Anese, the latest contribution of the European Union is a vote of confidence for the [Commission's] professional work to support the Public Prosecutor’s Office (MP) and the fight against impunity. "The work conducted by the Public Prosecutor’s Office (MP) for Guatemalan justice is important, as demonstrated by the ever-increasing media coverage of its involvement in resolving cases," he said.

The Commissioner also highlighted the will of the President of the Judiciary to "work shoulder to shoulder with CICIG" in strengthening the justice sector and beginning to purge the judicial system.

The Attorney General considers that the economic support greatly strengthens the judicial institutions, because "the support of CICIG has produced significant progress in emblematic cases which were previously thought to be impossible to resolve".

The President of the Judiciary said: "When the CICIG becomes stronger, so do the justice sector institutions. We are taking the necessary steps to progress towards peace and democracy in our country."

The United Nations Resident Coordinator in Guatemala thanked the European Union countries for their economic support in the fight against impunity in Guatemala. "The support comes at a time when CICIG is doubling its efforts and coordinating with the justice institutions to achieve good management.

European Union Press Release

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