Bribes: a preliminary hearing against a judge and a capture for judicial corruption

Bribes: a preliminary hearing against a judge and a capture for judicial corruption

STATEMENT 057 | Photo: Soy 502.

The Special Prosecutor against Impunity (FECI) and CICIG filed a preliminary hearing request against Carlos Fernando Orellana Rojas, judge of the First Instance Criminal Court of the municipality of Poptún, Petén, accused of favoring two defendants with his judicial decisions.

Legal action was filed in the Judiciary to lift the immunity to Orellana Rojas for the crimes of abuse of powerand passive bribery. He took advantage of his position to help the brothersOtoniel Carrera Solares and Marvin Geovany Carrera Solares. Together with the defense attorney Claudio Paholo Álvarez Morales, he arranged the proceeding in favor of the defendants in exchange for some benefits.

In another event, attorney Álvarez Morales offered money to Jorge Arturo OrdónezRegil, former official of the Communication Unit of the Sixth Criminal Court, who in complicity with his colleague Jackeline SadianaTriguerosChutá, requested the Penitentiary System to transfer an inmate for an alleged hearing at the court, which was not scheduled by the judge. The attorney Álvarez Morales made the inmate believe that he could speed up the hearing and close the case against him thanks to his contacts.

Therefore, a request for a preliminary hearing against judge Orellana Rojas was filed and Jorge Arturo Ordonez Regil was captured under charges of passive bribery. Meanwhile, the authorities are looking for the brothers Otoniel Carrera Solares and Marvin Geovany Carrera Solares, as well as the attorney Alvarez Morales, accused of active bribery.

Jackeline SadianaTriguerosChutá, a former officer of the communication unit in the Sixth Court of Criminal Instance, is accused of ideological falsehood and will be summoned to an initial hearing statement in the Eighth Criminal Court of First Instance.