Yesterday, after learning about these events, CICIG carried out all the corresponding internal inquiries, including an interview with the person involved (Rogelio Ramírez Cartín). As a result, he presented his resignation for the violation of the rules governing our work (see attachment -spanish version-).

The Commission has initiated an internal investigation and a disciplinary process.

All CICIG officials are governed by a code of ethics that poses rigid standards of professional conduct, adherence to the mandate and the principles that guide the work of the United Nations.

The former official was not involved in the “Pandora’s Box” (Caja de Pandora) case. He had been working in CICIG’s office in Quetzaltenango since November 2016 and until its closure.

He was removed from ‘La Sexta’ case in September 2016, before being transferred to Quetzaltenango.

Ms. Alejandra Reyes testified as ‘collaborating witness’ on October 4, 2017, and left the country that same day.

Also, the former CICIG official was not in the process of verifying the information that the ‘collaborating witness’ provided.

CICIG takes all appropriate measures to safeguard the integrity of its investigations, and it will continue to investigate these events.