Opinion poll shows that 72% of Guatemalan people support CICIG´s work

Opinion poll shows that 72% of Guatemalan people support CICIG´s work

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CICIG has successfully helped fight corruption and impunity in Guatemala. In recent years, it worked with the Attorney General’s Office to identify more than 60 illegal structures, to prosecute more than 680 people, and to submit 34 legal reforms to Congress; more than 110 cases have been prosecuted, and 71 of them have already been sentenced. Currently, more than 70 per cent of the cases are active.

CICIG’s greatest achievement, however, is the promotion of citizen awareness on the importance of a law-abiding culture. Guatemalans are now well aware that we are all equal before the law and, by abiding by the Rule of Law, the State must guarantee citizens’ wellbeing. Nonetheless, as stated by Commissioner Velásquez, much remains to be done.

CICIG is grateful for the support of the Guatemalan population and is committed to continuing working in the fight against impunity and corruption, while its mandate is in force.

It is only natural that, when a mechanism such as CICIG fully advances its mandate, it meets opposition from powerful sectors that will use all resources at hand to stop its work. Nevertheless, we continue working. Despite the Government’s prohibition that Commissioner Velasquez and some international staff return to the country, against the rulings of the Constitutional Court, CICIG will continue to work in full compliance with its mandate until September 3, 2019, as ruled by the Constitutional Court of Guatemala and stated by the Secretary-General of the United Nations, António Guterres.

The transfer of capacities to the Attorney General’s Office is ongoing and exercised on a daily basis. An information management plan is foreseen for the full transfer of cases to the Attorney General’s Office, for their monitoring and accompaniment.

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Progress has been made in the promotion of a law-abiding culture, but much remains to be done. As noted by the Commissioner, we are facing the possibility of a setback and a return to practices of the past. Consolidating progress made in the fight against corruption and impunity and preventing a return to the past is a commitment that Guatemalans must make.

Source ProDatos / Prensa Libre, 04/05/2019.