Seven entrepreneurs are sentenced in the case known as ‘military industry negotiations’

Seven entrepreneurs are sentenced in the case known as ‘military industry negotiations’

 STATEMENT 113 | Photo: Emisoras Unidas.

Through an abbreviated procedure, the Seventh Criminal Court sentenced today seven entrepreneurs to 3 and 4 years of commutable prison. They took responsibility for the crimes of active bribery and embezzlement in the case known as Military Industry Negotiations.

Moisés Israel Santisteban Fuentes, Manuel Antonio Pivaral Pérez, and Ernesto Arturo Zamora Cruz received a 4-year commutable sentence and had to pay a fine of Q50,000, each, for active bribery. On the other hand, Henry Danilo Morales Cifuentes, Xiomara Carolina Orellana Meza, Miguel Ambrosio Azurdia, and Antonio Benjamín Contreras Barrios were sentenced to 3 years (conditionally suspended) and to pay a fine of Q.2,500, each, for the crime of embezzlement. 

The Court scheduled the remedy hearing for January 3, 2019.

The investigation of the Special Prosecutor’s Office against Impunity and CICIG established that a group of military officers -bound over for trial for the funds stolen from the Military Industry- received a commission of approximately Q1,827,765.67 for awarding contracts in favor of the entrepreneurs sentenced today.  

The following retired military officers were bound over for trial: Jorge Arturo Vega Chavez, José Alfredo Cotzojay Chajón, Byron Manuel Santos Galindo, Carlos Geovani Mejía Girón and Rolando Enrique Hernández González, accused of stealing Q23,402,238.00 from the Military Industry in 2008-2011.